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Faculty Research and Creative Activity Support Awards

Dr. Joey Bargsten, Associate Professor, School of Communication and Multimedia Studies
Paper title: "meme™ (Media Experimental Ensemble) Presents Scenes from MelanchoLalaLand (Multimedia Opera)."

Dr. Oliver Buckton, Professor of English
Paper title: "Oscar Wilde's London: Sexuality and Aesthetics in the Fin de Siecle Metropolis"

Dr. Elizabeth (Lisa) Swanstrom, Assistant Professor of English
Book title: Animal, Vegetable, Digital: Experiments in New Media Aesthetics and Environmental Poetics

Dr. Wendy W. Hinshaw, Assistant Professor of English
Book title: Incarcerating Rhetorics, Publics and Pedagogies

Dr. Rebecca McKay, Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing
Book title: A Scar on the Surface of God

Dr. Chris Robé, Associate Professor of Communication and Multimedia Studies
Book project: Radical Film and New Media Activism

Japan Foundation Grants

Dr. Marina Karides, Associate Professor of Sociology
"Globalization and Social Movements" (SYP 4454): Adding Island Studies and impact of global warming on Japan.

Dr. Gerald Sim, Associate Professor, School of Communication and Multimedia Studies
FIL 4843: Studies in Asian Cinema: EAST ASIAN CINEMA; Adding Japanese "Anime" to course.


Advisory Board Graduate Student Grants

Stephanie R. Anderson  
MA candidate in SCMS, to present paper at Southwest Popular Culture and American Culture Association's Annual Conference

Andrea M. Cudworth  
MA candidate in Linguistics, to present paper at Southeastern Conference on Linguistics

Kandy G. Lopez  
Candidate for MFA in Visual Arts, to prepare her MFA exhibition

Ben Parham  
MFA candidate in Creative Writing, Editor-in-Chief of FAU's Coastlines Literary Magazine, to attend the Association of Writer and Writing Programs conference to present his novel

Raheleh Tavakolnia  
MFA candidate in Visual Arts, to present paper at the "Women in Clay" Symposium and conduct research in Iran on women ceramicists

Community Advisory Board Special Merit Dissertation Award

Inbal Mazar  
Ph.D. candidate in the Comparative Studies doctoral program.  Her dissertation, which requires field work in Lake Worth, Florida and Guatemala, and includes first-hand interviews and testimonials from Mayan women immigrants, is entitled “Birth Across Borders:  A Comparative Study of Guatemalan-Maya Maternal Care in San Miguel Acatán and Palm Beach County”.

Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity Grants

Jeannine Louis Wilman Lopez  
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Marina Karides, Associate Professor of Sociology  
Jeannine's research centers on the vibrant LGBT community in South Florida and the push for more civil rights legislation for the community in the state

Juan C. Garay  
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mirya Holman, Assistant Professor of Political Science  
A double major in Political Science and Spanish, Juan will research government expropriations of multinational corporations (MNCs) and the problems this creates with the principal investor state.  He will focus on Argentina

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