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Faculty Publications and Creative Discoveries, 2013-14




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Languages, Linguistics and Comparative Literature


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Patricia Fleitas served as judge and clinician for the State Choral Festival (a multiple-day event in Michigan), the Florida North State MPAs (Tallahassee), and the Michigan School Vocal Music Association.


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Kyle Prescott conducted the Palm Beach All County Band and the Roca Raton Symphonia as well as presented a lecture at Boca Raton TEDx. The conducted performances are prestigious and by invitation only.


Kevin Wilt premiered a composition titled Factor Five in Georgetown, Massachusetts, in summer 2014; premiered a short film score titled Shay in Los Angeles, California in summer 2014; was accepted into the Saint Mary’s College Summer Composition Intensive and completed a large wind ensemble titled Urban Impressions, which was commissioned by The Atlantic Coast Conference Band Directors Association in fall 2013.




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Political Science


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School of Communication and Multimedia Studies


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Theatre and Dance


Kathryn L. Johnston directed The Importance of Being Earnest (Studio One Theatre, FAU); served as an accent coach for The Pride (Empire Stage, Fort Lauderdale) -- British (R. P., Estuary, Cockney); served as an accent coach for Miss Julie (Naked Stage, Miami) -- British (R. P., Estuary, Yorkshire); and completed the Knight-Thompson Speechwork Teacher Certification Program.  


Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies


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Faculty Showcase Program 2014

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