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Student Research and Creative Achievements





     Major Title    Award  
Danielle Arfin   Political Science Animals and Politics  

Third Place Oral Presentation


Audrey Aurigemma   Graphic Designn Re-directing Traffick  

Third Place Oral Presentation


Adrian Beuses   Art History        

Third Place Oral Presentation


Veronica Metzler            

Third Place Oral Presentation


Charlotte Barna   Music Mendelssohn's Bach Revival  

First Place Oral Presentation


Pablo Francisco   Languages, Linguistics, 
and Comparative
Mario Vargas Llosa and the Feast of the Goat: Heteroglossic Trauma      

José Carreño Cabrejos


Maria Cerezo   Graphic Design FAU Navigation System  

Second Place Poster Presentation


Connor Dooley   Political Science

Gender Stereotypes and
Political Ambition


Lorena Escobal  

Political Science


The Effect of UN Peacekeeping on Human Rights  

First Place Oral Presentation


Alvaro Frydman   Graphic Design FAU Recycling Re-Design  

First Place Oral Presentation

Scott Rosser            
David Thomas            

DavRoss Nunez


Chad Miller   Political Science

The Power of Apology


Mallory Provan           Anthropology Dental Pathology in a Prehistoric Coastal Site in Southwest Florida    

Third Place Oral Presentation


Mitchel Robinson        Philosophy The Power of Alison Jagger's
Critique of Liberalism   

Third Place Oral Presentation


Roger Rosena            Philosophy

Marxist Feminism


Christopher Robinson Severns   Communications

Using a Liturgical Philosophical Anthropology to "Read"  Public Schools in America


  First Place Oral Presentation  
Richard Sun   Anthropology Osteometric Analysis of Human Remains      

Daniel Benetez


Katryna Vanande     Graphic Design T.O.S.S (The Official Shredding System)      
Shana Zingman            
Arielle Horowitz            

Jo-Mei Smith


Jeannine Wilman   Sociology

The LGPTQ Community in South Florida: Inquiry into the Mobilization of its Social Movement



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