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John O'Sullivan

John O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture:

The John O'Sullivan Memorial Lecture Series sponsors annual public lectures and classroom seminars by some of the most distinguished scholars and gifted teachers of American history.

The series originated in the spring of 2004, when a group of senior citizen students at Florida Atlantic University established a memorial fund to honor the memory of the late John O'Sullivan, a beloved professor of history who died in 2000.

In keeping with John's commitment to teaching, research, and community outreach, the mission of the John O'Sullivan Memorial Lectureship is to broaden and deepen public understanding of modern U.S. history.

The O'Sullivan lectures are typically held in October, and address issues of war and peace in recent U.S. history. Lectures are published in booklet form and are available in the Department of History. Some lectures are online.

About John O'Sullivan:

John O'Sullivan was a gifted teacher and scholar who devoted his entire academic career to Florida Atlantic University. He came to FAU in 1971 after receiving his Ph.D. from Columbia University. Since then he touched the lives of hundreds of FAU students with his brilliant and inspired teaching. An accomplished scholar, his publications included The Draft and Its Enemies (1974), From Volunteerism to Conscription: Congress and the Selective Service, 1940-1945 (1982), American Economic History (1989), and We Have Just Begun Not to Fight: An Oral History of Conscientious Objectors in Civilian Public Service during World War II (co-authored with Heather Frazer, 1996). Before his death in 2000, John was working on a book project related to Medal of Honor Recipients and another book project with Patricia Kollander, also an FAU faculty member, on a World War II veteran. That book was published in 2005: I Must Be a Part of This War: One Man's Fight against Hitler and Nazism.