Current Course Schedule

Courses for Spring 2016

  • JST 4424 Ancient Israel,  T Th 9:30- 10:50 AM
  • JST 3404 Modern Jewish Civilization,  T Th 2:00-3:20 PM 
    This course is required for the Jewish Studies Major and Certificate.
  • JST 4510 Women and Judaism,  T 4:20-7:00 PM
  • JST 4415 American-Jewish History 1492-1990, M 4:00-6:50 PM
  • JST 4701 The Holocaust, Jupiter Campus, Th 5:00-7:50 PM

Courses in Other Departments Counting Towards the Major and Certificate

  • LIT 3374 New Testament,  W F 2:00P-3:20 PM
  • EUH 4465 Hitler and Nazi Germany, T Th 11:00 AM-12:20 PM
  • CPO 3761 Religions and World Politics, W 7:10-10:00 PM
  • CPO 4403 Comparative Politics: Middle East, M 7:10-10:00 PM

Courses for Fall 2015

  • Classical Jewish Civilization (JST 3403) - Dr. Lindbeck, Tues. & Thurs. 12:30-1:50 PM

    A survey of Judaic studies from Biblical times to the beginning of Jewish Emancipation in the late 1700s. Topics include Jewish holy texts, Jewish history in Temple times, Judaism and the foundations of Christianity and Islam; Medieval Jewish history, the changing role of women in Jewish culture, Hasidism, and the Jews of Eastern Europe.
    This course is required for the Jewish Studies Major and Certificate.

  • History of Zionism and the State of Israel, 1880-1990 (JST 4425) - Dr. Sanua, Tues. & Thurs. 2:00-3:20 PM

    An in-depth examination of the modern State of Israel and its development from the birth of modern Zionism to the end of the 20th century.

  • The Holocaust (JST 4701) - 3 credits, Dr. Berger, Tues. & Thurs. 9:30-10:50 AM

    An in-depth study of the Holocaust from its political, religious, and ideological roots in Anti-Semitism through the Nazi Final Solution to post-Holocaust issues of ethics, theology, and moral choice.

  • Beginning Hebrew Language and Culture 1 (HBR 1120) - 4 credits
    Two sections: Mon. & Wed. 10:00-11:50 and Mon. & Wed. 12:00-1:50

    This course develops primary language skills, through extensive practice in reading and writing. Since emphasis is put on the sentence as a unit of language, students are engaged from the very beginning in creative writing and speech. Basic competence in grammar and comprehensive reading is achieved as well. Communication skills are enhanced by engaging in conversations based on everyday situations, and a variety of cultural topics. No previous knowledge of Hebrew is required.

  • Readings in Intermediate Hebrew (HBR 2240) - 4 credits, Mon. & Wed. 2:00-3:50
    Prerequisites: HBR 1121 or equivalent

    Course focuses on classic readings in intermediate Hebrew, helping students to read texts with particular emphasis on the Bible.
    This course is required for the Jewish Studies Major.  

Courses in Other Departments Counting Towards the Major and Certificate

  • Jewish-American Literature (AML 4663) - 3 credits, Dr. Furman, Mon., Wed, & Fri. 1:00-1:50

    An introduction to Jewish-American literature and culture through the work of several major and emergent 20th-century Jewish-American writers.

  • Religions and World Politics (CPO 3761) - 3 credits, Dr. Rabil, Thurs. 7:10-10:00 PM

    This course will discuss the rise of religious movements worldwide and the impact of religious conflicts on world politics.