PhD Student Kathryn (Pewenofkit) Bridwell-Briner Participates in Documenting Endangered Languages NSF workshop & Receives Native Voices Endowment Fellowship

Pewenofkit Bridwell-BrinerBriner and fellow workshop participants

Monday, Feb 26, 2018

PhD Student Kathryn (Pewenofkit) Bridwell-Briner was selected as one of 40 people in a highly competitive pool to participate in a DEL funded (Documenting Endangered Languages, NSF) workshop entitled, “Expanding Linguistic Science by Broadening Native American Participation/ Natives 4 Linguistics 2018.” The workshop took place January 4th 2018, as a part of the Linguistic Society of America annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event was hosted by Wesley Leonard of UC Riverside and was also sponsored by SSILA (Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the Americas). The workshop included breakout sessions about ways to bring Native American views of language and “lower-case l” linguistics to the table of “upper-case L” Linguistics, as well as a “lightning round” of presentations by participants in the vein of “The Five Minute Linguist” in which participants shared their work with the group.

She has also recently been awarded a competitive Native Voices Endowment Fellowship, which will enable her to attend the biennial CoLang (The Institute on Collaborative Language Research) at University of Florida, June 18th- July 20th of this year. The workshop is sponsored by the NSF and the Linguistic Society of America. The institute comprises of workshops related to community-based language documentation and revitalization, as well as practica of detailed study of particular languages. Instructors of the institute include some of the world’s leading experts in language documentation.