Ana Adriazola-Rodriguez
From Economics to Resources: Teaching Environmental Sustainability in Peru’s Public Education

Emmanuel Alvarado
Beyond Culture Wars: The Role of Religiosity in the Public Support for Social Safety Net Policies in Contemporary America

Erica Ando
Decade of Progress: Origins of the Pérez Art Museum Miami

Kathryn Austin
Identifying Disparities in K-12 Dance Education in the State of Florida: The Need for Consistency in Curricular Choice and Instructional Design

Robert Axberg
Empathy as a Function of the Sublime and Beautiful in a Wilderness Environment

Samiah E. Baroni
Color Me Green: Saudi Arabian Identity and the Manifestations of Power

Kathleen Barsalou
The Age of William A. Dunning: The Realm of Myth Meets the Yellow Brick Road

John R. Batey
Democratization and Exogenous Cultural Influence: Western Mass Media and Democratic Consolidation in Eastern Europe

Bonnie M. Benson
The Other Side of Fifty: The Crones Among Us

Lynne Bentley-Kemp
Recovering Eden: The Photographer in the Garden

Andrea Best
Beyond Sustainability Narratives: Justice and Complex Systems Thinking for Just Sustainable Viability

David Bethea
More Branches on the Oldest Tree: Tradition and Experimentation through Improvisation in the Music of Post-Katrina New Orleans

Sally C. Brown
A Comparative Study of Current Practices of Selected University-Based Children's Chorus Directors in Relation to Arts Integration

Savena Budhu
The South Asian Diaspora in the Caribbean: Migration, Nationalism, and Exodus in Contemporary Indo-Guyanese Literature

Walter Burton
Improving Communication Based on Cultural Competency in the Business Environment

Rita Butler
The Reality of Fiction: Diagnosing White Culture through the Lens of Mother/Nature in Zora Neale Hurston’s Seraph on the Suwanee

Maria-Odette Canivell
Public Intellectuals in Latin America: Writers and Politics

Issac Carter
The Discourse of the Divine: Radical Traditions of Black Feminism, Musicking and Myth within the Black Public Sphere (Civil Rights to the Present)

Peter Cava
"Science Fiction Girlfriends": Transgender Politics and US Science Fiction Television, 1990–Present

Daniel Copher
Authenticity of Space: An Interdisciplinary Convergence of the Tradition of Sacred Music and Twenty-First Century Sacred Architecture

Valerie Czerny
Let Them Run Wild: Childhood, the Nineteenth-Century Storyteller, and the Ascent of the Moon

Susan D’Aloia
Long-Term Post-Katrina Volunteerism: The Ethics of an Imported Solidarity

Jane S. Day
Preacher’s Cave: Developing a National Heritage Tourism Site in Eleuthera, Bahamas

Regina Dilgen
Studied Girlhoods: Consciousness, Context, and Negotiation of Identity in the Memoirs of Dorothy Allison, Mary Karr, and Barbara Robinette Moss

Paul Anthony Dottin
The End of Race as We Know It: Slavery, Segregation and the African American Quest for Redress

Jerry Durbeej
Existential Consciousness, Redemption, and Buddhist Allusions in the Work of Saul Bellow

Nazaré F. Feliciano
Bodily Knowledge in Dance Transferred to the Creation of Sculpture

Silvia Giagnoni
Christian Rock Goes Mainstream: Youth Culture, Politics and Popular Music in the US

Natalia Giannini
Naples: The Mother City

Sheryl C. Gifford
(Re)Making Men, Representing the Nation: The Anglo-Caribbean Male Writer's Individuation in Works by Robert Antoni, Fred D'Aguiar, and Marlong James

Juan C. Gonzalez
Soil of Misfortune: Education, Poverty, and Race in a Rural South Florida Community

Celine A. Guillerm
A Feminist Cultural Study of Identity, Hair and Hair Loss Due to Chemotherapy

Fatin Morris Guirguis
The Vision of Theophilus: Resistance through Orality among the Persecuted Copts

Shane Gunderson
Social Movement Momentum, Intellectual Work and the East Timor Independence Movement

Pamela Haley
The Filipina-South Floridian International Internet Marriage Practice: Agency, Structure, and Paradox

Andrew Halloran
Exploring Diachronic Change in the Population-Specific Vocalizations of Chimpanzees

Bruce Hieronymus
Music, Technology and Social Change: 17th-18th Centuries

Tobin K. Hindle
The Regeneration of Nature: An Alternative to Ecological Restoration

Tai Houser
Mind the Gap: Overcoming Dualities in Motor City, USA

Jamie Johnson
The Animal in 20th Century Literature

Nadja Johnson
Diasporas as New Twenty-First-Century Transnational Movements: The Case of the Jamaican Diaspora

Mark A. Kattoura
Global Warming in the Microblog Era: A Rhetorical Analysis of Twitter Dialogue between Exxon Mobil and GreenPeace USA

Suzanne Kelly
Enduring Relationship with the Dead: The Corpse, the Feminine and Popular Culture

Kristyl Kepley
The Modeling of an Ecology of Language: Haitian Creole among First and Second Generation Haitian College Students in South Florida

Anita M. Kirchen
Finding Their Voice: Jewish Women Artists in the 19th and 20th Centuries

Jeffrey Kleeger
When the State is Capital: The Transformation of Eminent Domain in the Context of the Global Enclosures of Our Times

Jill Kriegel
Augustinian Virtue in the Dickensian World: The Role of Christian Friendship in the Conversion of Souls and the Move Toward the Heavenly City

Rebecca Kuhn
Preaching to the Choir: The Culture War and the Box Office Success of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ

Holly Ann Larson
Low-Income Women’s Standpoint: Recognizing Poor and Working-Class American Women as Generators of Resistant Knowledge

Beverly Lomer
Music, Rhetoric and the Creation of Feminist Consciousness in the Marian Songs of Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179)

Jacqueline S. May
Americans All! The Role of Advertising in Re-Imaging Ethnicity in America: The Case of the War Advertising Council, 1939-1945

Inbal Mazar
Birth across Borders: A Comparative Study of Guatemalan-Maya Maternal Care in San Miguel Acatán and Palm Beach County

Chiara Mazzucchelli
Heart of my Race: Questions of Identity in Sicilian-American Writings

Rebecca McCarthy
Building Cosmopolitical Democracy through the Antigone: A Return to the Chorus

Monica Melton
Positive Perspectives on Prevention: Southern Women’s Voices on HIV/AIDS in an African American Community

Gertrudis M. Mercadal-Sabbagh
Prison Privatization in the United States: A New Strategy for Racial Control

Merrie E. Meyers
Reading, Writing and Privatization: The Narrative That Helped Change the Nation's Public Schools

David Miller
Authenticity, Articulacy, Ineffability, and Moral Self-Formation

Jane M. Montonen
Libertinage Et Feminisme Dans Les Lettres Du Colonel Talbert (1767) de Françoise-Albine Puzin de la Martiniére Benoist

Kathryn M. Morris
Documentary Theatre: Pedagogue and Healer with Their Voices Raised

Jeffrey A. Nall
Interrogating Social Conceptualizations of Childbirth and Gender, an Ecofeminist Analysis

Caren Neile
The Stories of America: In Search of National Values in Family Memorate

Eloise (Kitty) Oliver
Cross-cultural Stories of Race and Change: Re-languaging the Public Discourse on Race and Ethnicity

Gabriela Ovando Barrero
From Subaltern to President: Evo Morales, New Social Movements, and Autonomies in Bolivia

Elizabeth M. Petersen
Building a Character: A Somaesthetics Approach to Comedias and Women of The Stage

Kevin Petrich
Reforming Public Broadcasting's Problematic Publicness: An Analysis of the Effectiveness and Prospects of Citizens for Independent Public Broadcasting

Emanuele Pettener
The Father, the Son, and the Sense of Humor: The Novels of John Fante

Marc Rhorer
Believers in Dixie: A Cultural Geography of the Kentucky Shakers

Kristen L. Robbins
Between Home and School: Guatemalan Maya Students and Cultural Gender Roles in South Florida

Rhianna Rogers
Documenting Cultural Transition Through Contact Archaeology in Tíhoo, Mérida, Yucatán

Nancy Rubin
Digital Public History: Virtual Field Trips as Engaged Learning

Yasmin Salem
Transnational Islamism and Political Moderation: A Comparative Analysis of Islamism in Egypt and Morocco

Peggy (Schaller) Elliott
An Alternative Enlightenment: The Moral Philosophy of Jeanne Marie Le Prince de Beaumont (1711-1780)

Carolina M. Seiden
Culture as a Factor in the Motivation of Heritage Speakers to Study Spanish at the College Level in South Florida

Alessandra Senzani
Women, Film, and Oceans A/Part: The Critical Humor of Tracey Moffatt, Monica Pellizzari, and Clara Law

Ilaria Serra
The Value of Worthless Lives: Italian Immigrant Autobiographies by Ordinary People

Shereen Siddiqui
Teaching to Transform: Toward an Action-Oriented Feminist Pedagogy in Women's Studies

John Silver
Nursing and National Healthcare Implications with the Rise of the California Nurses Association and the National Nurse Organizing Committee

Diana Sinisterra
Colombian Happiness: A Look at Life Satisfaction and Explanatory Style

Nancy Carol Stein
Using the Visual to "See" Absence: The Case of Thessaloniki

Walteria Tucker
Prepare, Process, Package: The Consumption of Haiti in Hispanic Caribbean Literature

Maltiben Turnbull
The Vessel: The Connection of Pottery and Earth Consciousness

Katherine E. Wahlberg
The Centrality of Self in Response to Humanitarianism: An Ethnographic Approach to the Global Peace Film Festival

Niki Wilson
The Intersection of Gender & Italian/Americaness: Hegemony in The Sopranos

Lois Wolfe
Toward a Pragmatics of Intent: Cognitive Approaches in Creative and Critical Writing

Evelio Jesus Yera
Truth and Reconciliation Commissions and the Colombian Justice and Peace Law and Victims

Jeffrey R. Young
Commodification of Sexual Labor: The Contribution of Internet Communities to Prostitution Reform

Cynthia Zaitz
Matters of Life and Death: A Comparative Analysis of Content in Maori Traditional and Contemporary Art and Dance as a Reflection of Fundamental Maori Cultural Issues and the Formation and Perpetuation of Maori and Non-Maori Cultural Identity in New Zealand

Rosina Zimmer
Dante’s Lucifer in the Commedia: Music, Pride, and the Corruption of the Divine

Ana Zuim
Speech Inflection in American Musical Theatre Compositions