The Study of the Americas Initiatives at FAU has three pillars:

  • Research: Develop and disseminate new knowledge and understanding of hemispheric interrelations.
  • Education: Train students in the confluences of culture, history, aesthetics, etc. throughout the Americas.
  • Outreach: Engage with the general public through publications and events that will promote understanding of the Americas.

Mission Statement

Florida Atlantic University’s Study of the Americas Initiative brings multiple disciplines together to research and discuss the histories, cultures, societies, politics, languages, literatures, media, music, and arts of the western hemisphere. At the same time that the nations of North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean have their distinct histories and cultures, there also exist many cultural and historical interrelations that bind them through the legacies of colonialism, slavery, revolution, and many others. This center promotes conversation on the intersections of spaces in the Americas by providing fora for discussion among scholars in all disciplines in the humanities.

In order to promote hemispheric scholarship and inquiry, the Initiative takes advantage of FAU’s location at the nexus of the Americas and Caribbean as well as the university’s unique resources. The Marvin and Sybil Weiner Spirit of America Collection in the S. E. Wimberly Library recreates the typical holdings of recreates the typical holdings of influential figures of the colonial and early republic periods in the Americas in a collection of more than 13,000 books, pamphlets, government publications, newspapers and serials, including rare works from as early as the 16th century. Additionally, FAU’s Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters has a high concentration of faculty with specializations on topics throughout the Americas and who embrace interdisciplinary work. The College’s Ph.D. Program in Comparative Studies and Caribbean and Latin American Studies Certificate especially encourage such interdisciplinary hemispherical focus.

Housed in the Schmidt College of Arts and Letters, the Initiative draws together affiliate faculty from multiple departments and programs. The Initiative will inaugurate a lecture series featuring FAU faculty as well as internationally-recognized scholars whose work exemplifies and furthers hemispheric studies. Additionally, the Initiative will hold an annual conference dedicated tointerdisciplinary work that considers confluences that reach from Canada to Chile. This conversation will also proceed in a peer-reviewed journal, and the Initiative will seek ways to collaborate with Americas-centered research centers around the globe.

The Study of the Americas Initiative is keyed to FAU’s strategic plan platforms on Diversity, Community Engagement, Globalization and South Florida Culture. Also, the Initiative will play a role in recruiting international students to FAU, which is a Hispanic Serving Institution.