broadfield Douglas C. Broadfield

Douglas C. Broadfield, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Office: SO 185, Phone: 561-297-2256, E-Mail:

Ph.D., City University of New York
B.S., Emory University

My research focuses on the evolution of the human brain. My approach is to examine all forms of evidence. The primary method of looking at human brain evolution is to look at the human fossil record. In particular, this involves the study of endocast, which are the only direct evidence we have the brains of our ancestors. We can also learn a great deal from others forms of data.

My second area of research involves comparative neuroanatomy, which involves direct comparison of the brains of humans to other primates. Of the greatest importance here is what we can learn from the brains of our closest living relatives, chimpanzees. With access to a large collection of ape brains we are beginning to understand where changes in the brain may have occurred since the last common ancestor of chimps and humans.

Finally, we look at chimpanzee cognition. This allows us to understand the capacity of the chimpanzee brain as well as the similarities between human and chimpanzee cognitive abilities.

Areas of Research:

Human Brain Evolution, Human Evolution, Human Variation


Clinical Gross Anatomy, Introduction to Biological Anthropology, Human Evolution, Primate Evolution, Primate Behavior, Human Variation

Select Publications

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