fau school of architecture


At the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester the FAU School of Architecture holds a charrette to encourage collaboration among the design levels to welcome the students back to design. The charrette is an intense period in which a group of designers work on a particular design challenge. The challenge is different each semester and the groups are assigned at random with students from different design levels.

Fall 2013 Charrette

Group 20 - Fall 2013

1st Place · Group 20
Juan Hurtado, Geyla Rodriguez, Boutros Bou Nahra, Sheri Goldstein

Group 30 - Fall 2013

2nd Place · Group 30
Mahmud Sadia, David Mahoney, Viviana Villa, Rita Rosa

Group 33 - Fall 2013

3rd Place · Group 33
Luis Ardila, Ian Monday, Conrad Brethold, Michelle Cevallos

Group 17 - Fall 2013

Honorable Mention · Group 17
Camila Bau, Francisco Acevado, Armando Luna, Maria Sapatta

Group 22 - Fall 2013

Honorable Mention · Group 22
Shayannah Janvier, Jonathan Villaman, Wendy Monslave, Camilo Lopex

Group 19 - Fall 2013

Honorable Mention · Group 19
Tiffany Frione, Kelley Park, Christian Steixner, Paula Florez

Group 9 - Fall 2013

Graphic Representation
Group 9
Elizabeth Parry, Dogus Oren, Jahmaine Clarke