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The mission of the Agora Project is to utilize innovative strategies to promote appreciation and demonstration of the importance of civility, civil discourse, academic freedom and the responsibilities associated with academic freedom on Florida Atlantic University’s campuses, communities and the world at large.

The Agora Project will reach out and listen to all members of the university community to better understand our points of pride and areas of common concern. It will evaluate and coordinate resources and expertise across our campuses to facilitate a dynamic and respectful campus culture. More…

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>> Agora Project Ambassadors Program 
Students have the opportunity to make positive contributions to the University community by modeling respectful and engaged dialogue, by engaging in skill enrichment workshops and by promoting and supporting the endeavors of the Agora Project. For a semester of service, Agora Ambassadors receive an honorarium and letter of commendation for professional purposes. More details here:  Ambassadors Application

>> Speakers' Corner
Join these open forums to share your cause, discuss your thoughts and exercise your freedom of speech. The next "Speakers’ Corner will be held on April 22, Noon-1 pm at Heritage Park (outside Heritage Park Towers Residence Hall) on the Boca Campus.

In ancient times the "agora" was the place citizens would gather to discuss matters of their shared civic life. The agora was the vibrant center of the city; a place where political issues of the day were debated, goods were marketed, scientific theories were exchanged, crowds were entertained by musicians or theatrical productions, and the community came together to socialize and share their lives with one another.


Ekman Monday, April 7,  5 pm,
College of Businesss Building (BU) 120 FAU Boca Raton –  ‘Moving Toward Universal Compassion,' Public Talk with Paul Ekman, Ph.D.  Info at  561-297-2051 or e-mail wtrapan1@fau.edu  

The PracticeTuesday, May 13, 7 pm,
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing Auditorium,
FAU Boca Raton – "The Practice" Lecture, Q&A and Book Signing with Barb Schmidt. Registration required at fauf.fau.edu/ThePractice . More information at 561-297-2337

Speaker Tuesday, April 22, Noon  Outside Heritage Park Towers Residence Hall, FAU Boca Raton –  Speakers' Corner. Info at  561-297-2051 or e-mail  wtrapan1@fau.edu

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The Agora Project will offer enrichment opportunities through workshops that address matters of our communal culture and discourse. It will host public debates on important topics of the day, showcase our exceptional students through contests, speakers’ corners, and volunteer and leadership opportunities and it will seek innovative ways to generate a healthy climate of civil participation and engagement in our campus communities.


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