Faculty & Staff

Facilities information 

Damages that may result from Tropical Storm Erika will be evaluated by a Damage Assessment team made up of Facilities and Environmental Health and Safety staff. If we sustain considerable damage, it will take time to assess all buildings and campuses. You may obtain information on who to contact and how to report storm related damage by visiting www.fau.edu/facilities


Financial Affairs Information

Due to Tropical Storm Erika, the Division of Financial Affairs has put the following procedures in place to ensure that all financial processes are not interrupted.

Faculty and Staff

  • All time-entry was completed Thursday, Aug. 27 for the pay that will be reflected in your Sept. 4 statement. There will be no interruption of paychecks during the week of Aug. 4 - Sept. 4.
  • P-Cards
    • For emergency purposes only - In the event you need an increase in your p-card limit or need a block removed, please contact Ed Schiff at 561-445-3081 or schiff@fau.edu. Ed will be monitoring all emails and will respond as quickly as he is able.
  • If for some reason a vendor is unable to transact business with a P-card and you need emergency cash, please contact Stacy Semmel at 561-676-4709 or email ssemmel@fau.edu. Once approved, cash can be picked up at the cashier's office in the Services Building (#80), first floor. You will need to show your emergency Essential Personnel Card to receive cash, show your driver's license to Carmita Scarlett and you will be required to complete a form with your name, Z-number, department, purpose, and sign the receipt of funds.

*Please remember that to gain access to campus during an emergency shutdown you will need to show your Essential Personnel Card. 


  • Tuition and Billing Services will be disbursing financial aid on Saturday, Aug. 29 to student accounts. Refunds will be processed on the next open business day. 

 Last Modified 8/28/15