Admission Requirements

Required High School Units

The following units of study in high school are required to be considered for admission to FAU:

  • English (3 with substantial composition): 4 units
  • Mathematics (Algebra 1 level and above): 4 units
  • Natural Science (2 with lab): 3 units
  • Social Science: 3 units
  • Foreign Language (of the same language): 2 units
  • Academic Electives: 2 units

Total: 18 units

Additional weight is given to all courses clearly marked Honors, Advanced, Gifted, Advanced Placement, Advanced International Certificate of Education or International Baccalaureate.

What Were the Stats of the Incoming Freshmen Class of 2016?

Below are the mid-range GPA’s and test scores for the freshman class entering each term in 2016 at FAU.

Fall 2016

  • GPA: 3.74-4.37
  • SAT (all 3 sections): 1510-1740
  • rSAT (both 2 sections): 1100 - 1250
  • ACT: 22-27

Summer 2016

  • GPA: 3.42 – 3.90
  • SAT (all 3 sections): 1420 -1600
  • rSAT (both 2 sections): 1040-1160
  •  ACT: 20-24

Meeting minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission. Applicants who are not selected for their chosen term of entry may appeal the admissions decision through the Faculty Committee on Student Admission.

Please Note:

  • The Redesigned SAT (rSAT) was launched by College Board in March 2016.
  • FAU will accept both the old SAT (test administered prior to February 2016) and the Redesigned SAT (test administered March 2016 and beyond) for the 2016-17 admission cycle.
  • While FAU will continue to superscore the SAT, we will not superscore the two versions together. We will superscore the old SAT with other administrations of the old SAT and we will superscore the Redesigned SAT with other administrations of the Redesigned SAT only.
  • For more information on the Redesigned SAT and to use the SAT Score Converter, visit

Additional Admission Requirements

Freshman applicants should be aware that additional requirements are necessary for the following majors:

Admission to the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing’s Freshman Direct Admit track, Accelerated track, and the RN to BSN track is determined by the College. A supplemental application is required. For information, please go to To investigate all majors offered by Florida Atlantic University, visit

Admission to Florida Atlantic University does not guarantee admission to the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College. You must submit a supplement application with additional requirements. Please visit for more information about the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College.

Applications to the School of Architecture: Any prospective architecture student who is interested in applying for the lower division sequence (Architectural Design 1) or upper division sequence (Architectural Design 5-9) will need to fill out an additional application for the School of Architecture. Students must apply first to FAU using the Undergraduate admission application. Please note that the School of Architecture has separate deadlines to submit their application from us in admissions. Refer to their webpage for details.

PENG (pre-engineering) Effective Spring 2011
Admission to Florida Atlantic University does not guarantee admission to the College of Engineering and Computer Science, therefore your status is as a preliminary engineering major (pre-engineering). Please refer to the college's website at for detailed information on the admissions criteria.

All students interested in the Bachelor of Arts with Major in Communication Studies or the Bachelor of Arts with Major in Multimedia Studies must first apply to the corresponding pre- major. Specific requirements must be met before admission to the major. Please go to for additional information.

Please note that an audition on your principal instrument is required prior to admission into the Department of Music. For details regarding specific audition requirements for each instrument or for voice, please visit Music Auditions. To schedule an audition, please send an email to be sure to specify your instrument and the degree program in which you are interested.

All other Colleges and majors, except for those described above, fall under the Undergraduate Admissions standard requirements for admission and do not require a supplemental application.

 Last Modified 9/7/16