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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the University Honors Program (UHP) and the Harriet L Wilkes Honors College (WHC)?
The difference is the UHP is a two-year program located on the Boca Raton campus. It requires a minimum of 19 credits of seminar classes and is open to students in all majors. The WHC is located on the Jupiter campus and is a four year program. It offers a liberal arts degree with a variety of concentrations. Every course taught at the WHC is an honors course.

Can I be in both programs?
You may be considered for the UHP or the WHC; but must choose one or the other to enroll if invited or accepted to both programs.

Do you have special honors information sessions?
To learn more about the UHP, we invite you to contact us for an appointment at admissions@fau.edu. We will be happy to meet with you.
To learn more about the WHC and take a tour, visit http://www.fau.edu/honors/visitors/contact.php.

Why should I join an honors program?
Honors programs are offered to those students who want an academic challenge. The professors are some of the best instructors and with small class sizes they allow a more personal and enriched education experience.

How do I apply to one of the honors programs?
To apply to the UHP, go to www.fau.edu/admissions/honorsprograms.php
To apply to the WHC, go to http://www.fau.edu/honors/future-students/apply-now.php

When should I apply?
The sooner, the better. We highly recommend that students apply by December 15 th in order to be considered for scholarship opportunities.

Is there a minimum test score, class rank, or GPA to apply?
Students entering one of our honors programs usually have a minimum grade point average of 3.8. However, while grades, test scores and course rigor are important, applications are given a holistic review. Everything is considered so there is flexibility. We encourage interested students to apply.

When will I know whether I have been accepted to one of the programs?
As with undergraduate admissions, honors admission is rolling. As soon as all information has been received an admission decision will be made. This normally takes 2 – 4 weeks.

Are transfer students allowed to enroll in the honors programs?
Transfer students may be considered for the UHP as a lower-division student or to the WHC anytime during their undergraduate career.

Are there extra fees to be in one of the honors programs?
There are no additional fees associated with any of our honors programs.

Do I have to live in the residence hall to be in honors?
The UHP does not have a residency requirement; however, all freshman students living outside a 30 mile radius of FAU’s Boca Raton campus, are required to live on campus.  Please see www.fau.edu/housing. Effective August 2014, incoming freshmen at the Wilkes Honors College are expected to live on campus their first 3 years.

When will I receive information about housing, orientation, registration, etc.?
Information is usually sent in early spring to students that have confirmed their attendance.

Where can I find information on the credit I will receive for my AP, IB, AICE tests?

Will I have an opportunity to participate in undergraduate research?
We encourage undergraduate students to participate in undergraduate research.

Are all honors students guaranteed a scholarship?
For the UHP, most students are awarded a scholarship but it is not a guarantee. 
Merit-based scholarships are competitive, limited in number, and are based on GPA and test scores.  Please visit www.fau.edu/admissions/scholarships-all.php for more information.
For the WHC, all students receive a merit-based scholarship, and a significant number of full-ride scholarships are available.  Visit http://www.fau.edu/honors/future-students/academic-scholarships.php

Are IB students given special consideration?
IB students are assured of admission into FAU. Those who are then admitted to the Honors College are eligible for a special IB scholarship valued at up to $24,000 over four years. Visit http://www.fau.edu/honors/future-students/academic-scholarships.php

What if I apply and am not accepted?
For the UHP, we encourage you to reapply after your first semester. Your admission will be based on your first semester academic performance and any additional information that you would like to provide. For the WHC, students may reapply after demonstrating a successful year of academic courses.

Will honors classes involve substantially more work or hurt my grades?
Just because they are designated honors courses does not mean more work; however, they are generally writing intensive. Honors courses provide the opportunity to become an active participant in the learning and discovery processes; promote original thinking and encourage curiosity; and enable you to work closely with your professor.

What is the emphasis in honors classes if they are not harder?
Honors classes are not designed to be harder but they do require a student to be actively engaged in the class. Honors classes are smaller than regular classes and give the students the opportunity to explore a number of topics in depth rather than a broad survey of topics common in a regular class.

What about early acceptance to the College of Medicine?
The WHC offers the Wilkes Scholars Program which offers early admission to the Charles E Schmidt College of Medicine. For more information visit http://med.fau.edu/admissions/pipeline.php

What are some additional benefits to the honors programs?

  • Priority registration
  • One-on-one advising
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Small class sizes
  • Opportunity to interact with some of the university’s best faculty