Early Start 2017 FAQs

Early Start

1.    What is Early Start?

Early Start is a fall bridge program that is open to all first-year students who were admitted to FAU for spring 2018 who would like to gain an “early start” on their FAU education by joining the FAU family in fall 2017. Students in Early Start are eligible to take classes on the Boca Raton Campus in fall as part of the FAU Learning Community program. However,they will be limited to a maximum of 11-credit hours (just below the minimum for full-time student status) and will be enrolled as a “non-degree seeking student.” Early Start students must live on campus for fall 2017.

2.    Can I move directly to fall admission if I have new test scores or have improved my GPA?
Any student that meets our fall 2017 admissions criteria is welcome to change their entry term to the fall. Students meeting our summer requirements can submit a change of entry to summer 2017. Students who do not meet the requirements for the summer or fall terms must begin at FAU in the spring 2018 term or attend Early Start in Fall 2017 as a non-degree student.

3.    What does it mean that I will be “non-degree seeking” for fall?
You will be seeking a degree at FAU and the courses you take in Early Start this fall WILL count toward your degree. Non-degree status means several things:
•    You are NOT eligible for federal financial aid during fall 2017
•    You will not be attending as a “full-time” student as you will be taking fewer than 12 credit hours in the fall. This MAY impact your ability to be on family health insurance and/or car insurance.
•    Although you are non-degree, we HAVE arranged for Early Start students to have full use of all campus facilities including the Campus Recreation Center, and attendance at all FAU programs and athletic events.

4.    If I’m not eligible for financial aid, how do I pay for Early Start?
Students who have Florida Pre-paid College programs may use this funding through Early Start. Unfortunately, you are not eligible for other types of federal aid. Therefore, arrangements for paying for your tuition and fees, books, room and board and other associated college expenses are solely your responsibility. There are several payment plans available through the FAU Controller’s Office to spread payments throughout the fall term.
Students who submit the FAFSA (Federal Application for Student Aid) will be eligible for federal aid in spring 2018 as they become fully matriculated students.

5.    Can I pick my own classes?
As part of the Early Start Program you will be required to enroll in the Early Start Learning Community program through the Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS).
You will be registered for your courses through the Early Start Learning Community. 

Questions? Contact CLASS:

6.    Do I have to take 11 credits? What if I want to take more or fewer credits?
Students participating in the Early Start program will be enrolled in the Learning Community program which requires students to take three 3-credit courses (students enrolling in General Chemistry with Lab or Anatomy and Physiology with Lab which each total 4 credits will only take 2 core courses) plus a 2-credit SLS 1503 course geared toward their community and a 0-credit SLS 1412: The Learning Community Experience course to enhance the co-curricular component of the program.

The number of credits for Early Start is 11 credits.

Students who cannot take the particular specified courses will need to wait until spring to attend FAU.

7.    When will I know what classes I can take and HOW do I get registered?
Students who participate in the Early Start Program will be hand-registered by staff in the Learning Community program through the CLASS office. Students must complete online advising (OARS) and remove all registration holds (including immunization and orientation). Finally, students must complete the Early Start Residential Learning Community (RLC) application that is at the conclusion of the Housing Contract (see www.fau.edu/housing for more information). Visit www.fau.edu/learningcommunity for details on accessing the application.

8.    Are there deadlines to register for Early Start?
Yes, you must register for Early Start and submit your tuition deposit as soon as possible. Registered Early Start students that already submitted a tuition deposit,  must also complete online advising (OARS), the Learning Community application, Housing application (if planning to live on campus), ALEKS math placement assessment, register/pay for orientation, and remove all registration holds (including immunization holds) NO LATER THAN JUNE 30th  to secure your seat in the FAU fall 2017 class as part of Early Start.

9.    Why do I have to take these Learning Community courses?  Can I appeal to someone to take the classes I want?
Enrollment in Early Start requires participation in the Learning Community program. Students who have already earned credit in particular courses associated with the Early Start LC will work with the Learning Community director and their academic advisor to determine appropriate course substitutions.

10.    How do I apply to the Learning Community program?

1) Log into MyFAU with your username and password.
2) Click on the "Students" tab. Look for the "FAU Housing and Residential Life" section on the left side of the page and click on "Housing        
    Online". If you see a warning message click "continue".  If prompted click "Login" under ApplyOnline. Depending on when you are
    applying for Housing, as well as which campus, you will see a drop-down menu of Housing Contract options. Select the correct contract
    term before clicking "next".

3) Select the Fall 2017-Spring 2018 Freshman Boca Campus Contract and when complete there will be a link to the RLC application.
     If you have already completed the Housing Contract you can select the RLC (LLC) Application from the Application drop down menu.
11.    How do I get Started in Early Start?
Visit www.fau.edu/admissions/earlystart to complete your Early Start registration form and be sure to submit your tuition deposit NO LATER THAN JUNE 15, 2017. Once your tuition deposit and Early Start registration is complete, you will be able to sign up for orientation, complete on-line advising through OARS, sign up for on campus housing and select the Early Start learning community (based on space availability). 

12.    What happens if I don’t attend FAU in fall or if I don’t pass the classes?
Students admitted to summer 2016 or spring 2017 are not REQUIRED to participate in Early Start. This is just a good option for students who don’t want to miss out on the excitement of the new academic year at FAU. Homecoming, attending football games, New Student Convocation, and Weeks of Welcome activities are just some of the great things we don’t want you to miss!

Students who earn below a 2.0 in the fall courses will be placed on academic probation for the spring semester and will be required to participate in ACCESS, a program that provides you will academic coaching, career counseling, tutoring, and mentoring during the spring term.

13.    Can I take classes somewhere else in fall and still attend FAU in spring 2017?
Yes, students admitted to spring 2017 are not REQUIRED to participate in Early Start. You may take classes at another institution as long as you earn a 2.0 or higher.

Questions? We Give A Hoot!

For more information about Early Start, please contact the following:        

Undergraduate Admissions

Caitlin Hall

(561) 297-4873




Learning Communities & Course Enrollment

Center for Learning and Student Success

(561) 297-0906




(Online Academic Advising)

University Advising Services






University Housing

(561) 297-2880





Orientation Office

(561) 297-2733




Tuition & Fees Payment

Controller’s Office

(561) 297-3100