Message from Executive Director

Throughout the country and the world, schools are closed, activities have been cancelled, and social distancing is a part of our daily lives. I miss having 100% of our team in the office, walking through the breezeway and seeing our students on-campus, and enjoying the South Florida coastline. Dealing with the unknown can be stressful. We get it and we’re here to help, so please reach out to our office if you have questions or concerns.

Our team is working remotely and continues to be accessible via phone and email. We have seen an increase in email volume, so please be patient as we respond as quickly as possible. Our admissions counselors are scheduling 1:1 Skype, FaceTime or Zoom meetings with students, and soon we will offer virtual information sessions. Be sure to follow @FAUadmissions on social media where we will share content to help you get to know FAU and answer questions.

School Transcripts  
Academic progress as usual is currently being disrupted for students across the globe. We encourage students to continue to engage with whatever method of learning your school is able to offer, and to do so to the best of your ability. If your high school or college moves to an alternative grading system or method of credit notation (pass/fail, credit/no credit, etc.), it will not impact your admissions decision (as long as you pass). If a high school closes and does not provide any online or structured replacement educational opportunities, the University will not hold it against applicants.

For students who are planning to transfer to FAU this summer or fall and whose application is incomplete, please know most colleges and transcript agencies are still processing transcript requests. Please go ahead and request your transcripts be sent to FAU as we continue to evaluate applications and make admissions decisions. High school students who have completed dual enrollment coursework can also have their transcripts sent to FAU by requesting them through the credit granting school. We strongly encourage you to have transcripts sent electronically if possible.
Campus Visits  
While we are currently restricted in our ability to offer information sessions on campus or in local communities, we will offer virtual information sessions in the weeks ahead. The goal for our online programming (and any sessions we offer on or off campus in the future) is simply to help students learn more about the onboarding process, and the impact of an FAU education.
Changes to Exams  
Many final national exams or international certificate programs (such as Advanced Placement tests, the International Baccalaureate program, Cambridge Programme/A-Levels, etc.) have been moved online, postponed, or cancelled. FAU does not require AP or SAT Subject Test results for any applicant. We understand that many students’ preparation for or ability to take these exams will be impacted by current events. Supplemental testing is not required in our admission process.

If you are planning to enter FAU in the summer or fall of 2020 you can still request your official SAT/ACT scores to be sent to FAU at either or Remember that while you may have self-reported your scores to receive an admissions decision, we need to receive the official scores before you enroll.
Completing Your Orientation (SOAR)  
Orientation is required for all new undergraduate degree-seeking students and is an exciting way to learn all about being a successful FAU student. As of April 1, 2020, all of our First-Year SOAR (Student Orientation, Academics and Resources) program offerings are currently continuing as scheduled.

Our on-campus dates for Transfer SOAR events (for transfer students with 30 or more post-secondary credits), prior to Summer 3 term start, have been cancelled. Students will need to reserve and complete Virtual Orientation and meet 1:1 with their College Academic Advisor in order to have the ‘CA’ hold lifted and be able to register for classes.
Summer Classes  
The University has made the decision that 100% of Summer III coursework will be online. As the University continues to adjust its operations in response to COVID-19, the health and safety of everyone associated with FAU remains the top priority. This means that your enrollment in our Summer Three term will be taught 100% through remote delivery. No need to take any action if you were already in a face to face class for the summer. All classes that were scheduled face to face will be automatically converted to online/remote. Summer III begins June 27 and ends Aug. 7. Student services are available virtually to care for our students and support their success.. Operations related to our fall semester will be communicated as information becomes available.

University Housing will not be available for the summer III term for new FAU students. Those students who require housing due to extenuating circumstances, should contact the Department of Housing and Residential Education at 561-297-2880 or The deadline to apply for on-campus housing for fall 2020 is May 1. Students who submit their tuition deposit after May 1 may be placed on a waiting list for on-campus housing.

Students who intend to enroll should submit their tuition deposit, reserve their spot for online SOAR (Orientation), complete the online advising module OARS, and attend to other tasks available in their OwlDone portal ( Course registration is open for both summer and fall, so the earlier students complete their OARS, the sooner they can register and get their schedule. While these decisions may be disappointing, the University is taking these steps to help prevent further spread of coronavirus within our communities. We are actively working on ways for our students and faculty to connect, develop rapport and provide support to our Owl family.

As we continue with remote learning, our Office of Information Technology recently introduced a Keep Learning tool designed to help students make the shift to remote learning. This useful resource will help our students navigate this period.
Admissions Deposit Deadline  
May 1 remains the priority deadline to deposit for summer and fall enrolling high school students and summer enrolling transfer students. We understand that some students and families may need more time before making a final decision on what college to attend by the traditional May 1 deposit deadline. The priority deadline to apply for housing is also May 1. Please note that students who choose to commit to FAU after the May 1 deadline may not be able to live on campus, but we will be as flexible as possible in choosing to commit to FAU.
Living on Campus  
Living on campus for first year students is required for those who live more than 30 miles away from campus. Students are required to submit their tuition deposit in order to submit a contract for on-campus housing. Housing is offered on a first-come, first-served basis and it is possible for demand to exceed the available supply of housing on campus. If you have been admitted for the summer term, you are not required to reside on campus for the summer, however, if you do choose to reside on campus, during the summer, you will need to complete both a summer housing contract and a fall/spring housing contract. This can easily be done at the same time through the OwlDone portal. If the University does not hold face-to-face classes this summer, your summer housing contract will be canceled while the fall contract remains valid.
Application Deadline for 2021  
For high school juniors, we understand with the cancellation of several ACT, SAT, and English proficiency exams that you may need some more time to take these tests. Our application for admission will open on August 1 as it does every year. We typically begin releasing decisions around October 1 and then on a rolling basis. The deadline to apply for admission and be considered for merit-based scholarships is December 1. This date may be extended if fall test administrations are not available.
Visa Delays for International Students  
If you are unable to obtain the necessary visa to start the term for which you were admitted, please email us at Enrolling in online courses may be an option for students who cannot travel to campus. We will work with students on a case by case basis.

We encourage to you stay in contact with the Center for Global Engagement, which assists students with their visa process. The Center for Global Engagement can be reached at

Stay safe, stay healthy, and we hope to see you on our beautiful campus once we return to full on-campus operations and student life.

Go Owls!

Maura Flaschner
Executive Director

Virtual Visits/Events

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How is FAU responding to the coronavirus (COVID-10) outbreak?  
Please visit for the latest community updates on how FAU is responding.
Is the Office of Admissions receiving and answering phone calls?  
Is the coronavirus impacting the timeline for processing admissions decisions?  
The Office of Admissions is currently working at 100% capacity. We continue to review and process applications within our standard processing time.
Can I submit unofficial transcripts or test scores?  
Please try to submit official transcripts from either your high school or college via an electronic means offered by the institution. If you are unable to submit official transcripts, please log on to the student information system at your current institution and download an unofficial PDF.
First-year applicants can self-report their SAT/ACT scores during the completion of the Self-Reported Academic Record (SSAR). Before enrollment official scores must be sent from the testing agency.
Information about other exams for which students may receive credit can be found here.
Can I still apply to FAU?  
YES! We are still accepting applications, evaluating files and making admissions decisions. Deadline information can be found here.
Will FAU consider acceptance of S/U awarded in the Spring 2020 due to the coronavirus based on the following  
  • For high school transcripts an S/U grade awarded in Spring 2020 is not included in high school GPA calculation, but the S/U grade does satisfy the required units for Math, English, Social Science, Science and Foreign Language required units.

  • For transfer students with a college transcript, a course with an S/U grade awarded in Spring 2020 is transferrable credit and meets any pre-requisite grade requirements as long as the course fulfills the degree requirements of the student's major.
When will campus tours resume?  
The timeframe for the resumption of campus tours is unknown. However, we will continue to monitor CDC guidance on group gatherings.
How will AP, IB and AICE credits be assessed if the exam is shortened or not delivered?  
All of the universities in Florida’s State University System are awaiting guidance on this subject from the Florida Board of Governors. We will provide answers as soon as they become available. If you have exam scores from a previous semester or year, we do recommend having those official scores sent and added to your FAU academic record.
Because the March SAT was cancelled and I may not be able to complete my community service hours, can you provide any guidance on changes to Bright Futures?  
The awarding of the Bright Futures is determined by the State of Florida Department of Education. FAU has received many questions:
  • What if I am unable to fulfill community service hours due to stay-in-place orders as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19)?
  • What will happen to my GPA if my high school issues S/U grades? Will only grades through 7th semester be used?
  • Will students be given more time after the regular deadline to earn this scholarship due to the test cancellations?
  • Will the test score requirement be lowered or waived?
  • If the June SAT/ACT is cancelled, will the July ACT be accepted?
Please contact Bright Futures directly at 1-888-827-2004 or via email at for answers to these questions.
Is the Office of Admissions still accepting college transcripts?  
Yes, the Office of Admissions is receiving (and processing) electronic transcripts from all sources, such as FASTER, SPEEDE, Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse, E-files, etc. Furthermore, the Office of Admissions is still receiving (and processing) hard-copy transcripts through USPS, FedEx, UPS, etc.
Are any accommodations being made for International Students?  
  • The Freshman International Application deadline has been extended to May 1.
  • The deposit deadline for international applicants has been extended to June 1.
  • FAU will accept transcripts e-mailed from a counselor directly, or uploaded to your common application. If your situation does not allow for the following, we will accept copies of your documents for the time being. That being said, decisions will be on provisional basis until official documents are received.
  • FAU now accepts the Duolingo English Test (DET) as proof for English Language Proficiency. For more information on the test, please visit Duolingo
  • If students do not access to the SAT/ACT or GRE/GMAT tests consider enrolling in The FAU Global Student Success Program (GSSP). Students in the GSSP complete academic coursework while accessing additional services to help adjust to the academic demands and life in the United States.
How can I submit my deposit?  
Go to and use your assigned username and Znumber found on your acceptance letter to claim your student account and pay your tuition deposit.

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