Policies and Procedures
Admission Appeals
Undergraduate applications from individuals who do not meet the minimum admissions requirements may be reviewed by The Faculty Committee on Student Admissions. Unless there is some new information that was not available at the time your application was reviewed (i.e courses in progress, new grades), there is no need to appeal. If a student has special talents or abilities, physical, learning or emotional disabilities, or has suffered personal or family hardships, may appeal the initial admission decision. The committee is made up of University faculty members and administrators who evaluate admission based on evidence other than academic work. The committee determines the student's ability to succeed in future academic endeavors. Students must appeal in writing, submit letters of recommendation, a personal statement and any other documentation that would substantiate admission as an exception.

The University reserves the right to deny admission to an applicant because of past misconduct, regardless of location, that may adversely affect the University community. Therefore, it is important for all applicants to provide complete and accurate information on the admissions application in regard to disciplinary action for scholastic or any other type of misconduct. (Florida Board of Governors Rule 6C-6.001).


Applicant Records
Applicant records are the property of the University for use by faculty, staff, and agents of the University for admissions, registration, counseling, financial aid or any other activity related to the applicant’s academic program.  Applicant records are confidential and may only be released to the applicant. Applicants requesting that the University release their records to a third party must provide specific written authorization.

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